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Fast and Secure Web Hosting

Peace of Mind

You’ll be able to sleep well at night knowing that your website is backed up with all the information and data stored on a secured device. At Inquire Design, we are constantly monitoring your live website resources to ensure that they are accessible easily and loaded quickly. Our customer service representatives are available to answer any questions that you may have if you have any questions or concerns with any of our hosting services.

Not worried on Texas

Servers that live in the cloud

Virtual Private Server

We have our own virtual private servers that are scalable and redundant. We find security in owning our very own servers to prevent hackers and malware to get to your emails or website. Our servers are not only secure, but are a part of a server farm which allows redundancy for the back side of things for your website. If your resources require faster speeds, we are able to increase the parts of our servers to fluctuate with the demand.

email icon  Email

Give your customers a professional appeal using your domain name as your business email. You will be able to access your email via POP3, IMAP, or SquirrelMail.

ssl icon  SSL

Protect your customers' data and information with your very own SSL certificate. The SSL certificate encrypts the data that is being transferred on your website.

podcast icon  Podcast

Inquire Design can host your podcast episodes on our Solid State Drives for fast upload and download speed. We also provide weekly or monthly reports for your episode downloads.

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Web Hosting Features

scan icon Malware Scans

Using malware monitoring technology, we protect your information from malware.

storage icon Unlimited Storage

Inquire Design does not limit the amount of information stored on our servers.

domain icon Free Domain

We take care of your private domain registration, so you don't have to.

ssd icon Solid State Drives

Speed is key with online technologies; we use SSDs to help increase speed.

Web Consolidation

Don't know where or how to host your website? Want to consolidate your web products? We will host your website to help simplify your web products. We don't understand why people have registration, email, hosting, and files in different locations, but we have the solution to consolidate all those items.