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The Only Texas Social Media Marketing You’ll Ever Need

With social media platforms evolving every day, and plenty of faulty advice online regarding which social strategy to take, it can be difficult for businesses to sift through the noise. Partnering with a Texas social media marketing firm like Inquire Design can help you avoid costly mistakes and pinpoint the correct social media marketing tactics for your business.

Our social media clients can also benefit from our SEO, content creation, and Texas graphic design services, which includes the creation of logos and other graphics to help you make a lasting, professional impact across social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing on Texas gone viral
Social Media Marketing driving traffic to website

The benefits of social media marketing

When used effectively, Texas social media marketing is a useful way to spread awareness about your brand, improve your organic rankings, increase customer retention, and drive traffic to your website. In order to make your mark on social media, you need to publish useful, engaging, high-quality content to your branded social pages.

While not every social media post will go viral, focusing on content that creates value or solves a problem will go a long way to gaining traction. Our Texas graphic design services can help here, too, by creating custom graphics to support your blogs and social posts.

By giving customers a convenient way to contact you on social media, you demonstrate a dedication to customer service and support, which goes a long way to increase customer loyalty and retention.

How we build your Texas social media marketing strategy

Inquire Design assesses your business and industry, determines which social platforms you should target, and helps you set up and populate your pages with engaging, meaningful content to grow your social following.

By combining Texas social media marketing with blogging, content creation, SEO, and Texas graphic design, we can use social media posts to drive traffic to your website.

Let us help you create a social media content strategy and plan to:

  • Set up a business presence on relevant social platforms
  • Identify key content topics based on industry trends
  • Populate your social media pages with interesting content
  • Drive user engagement with content focused on viral themes
  • Boost your rank with blogs that leverage basic SEO tactics
  • Design personalized graphics and logos for use on social platforms
  • Gain followers by establishing a consistent posting frequency
  • Implement custom code for retargeting, cross-promotion, and more
  • Devise communication protocol to support timely customer service

And much, much more.

Each Texas social media marketing plan we build is customized to your individual business goals and needs, with monthly reports to monitor your progress and improvement along the way.

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Your social media marketing mix

Inquire Design selects the right social media mix for your business from the following list of social platforms:


Facebook has over 1.19 billion users, dominating the social media platforms and helping businesses reach every demographic from youth to Gen X, to baby boomers and seniors.


The social media platform has over 313 million users tweeting relevant news, personal information, real-time updates, and comedic content in a brief, pithy 140-character format.

Google +

Another niche platform with over 100 million users, Google+ feeds business information to Google Maps and Google My Business, making it a must-have for local search and SEO.


This social media monster boasts over 600 million users sharing photos and quick video clips to a follower list of friends, family, and visually-oriented fans.


With over 150 million users sharing images, infographics, and videos, Pinterest has become a favorite niche platform for people interested in the beauty, design, DIY, fashion, health, and food verticals.


This popular platform with over 150 million users posts temporary content that disappears in 24 hours; it’s great for news sharing and real-time updates.


LinkedIn has over 467 million users connecting with each other via old-fashioned professional networking done through messages, introductions, content sharing, and self-promotion.


Google’s highly successful video sharing platform has over 1 billion users

Find out how our Texas social media marketing and Texas graphic design services can grow your presence online now.

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