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Why SEO?

Inquire Design understands that a website is useless if people cannot find it. With new businesses launching every day, it is crucial to stay ahead of your competition. As a leading Texas SEO company, we can help you do just that.

One of the ways you can stay competitive is by investing in SEO, aka “search engine optimization.”

SEO Reports on Texas

Your online marketing solutions in one SEO Texas business

To complement our Texas web design service, Inquire Design offers expert SEO services to help your business rank.

There are variety of different search engines to rank for, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Our Texas SEO system optimizes your website for all search engines at once, and synchronizes all updates simultaneously.

Did You Know...???

Google, Bing, and Yahoo receive over 83,000 searches every second, with 66,000 searches happening on Google alone! Not to mention the fact that nearly 60% of all online searches are now happening on a mobile device.

Forward Thinking

Let us funnel those searches toward your business to expand your reach and boost your bottom line.

Our cutting-edge Texas SEO tactics will help you grab your audience at the exact moment they are hunting for your products and services, by ranking well for relevant search terms. Once you get your company in front of the right users, you can direct them to take an action on your website and encourage them to place an order, sign up for a newsletter, or shop.

The Inquire Design Approach to SEO

We avoid short-term fixes that grow your site quickly but lead to costly search engine penalties later. The SEO tactics we use to grow your website organically are widely accepted and search-engine approved.

Did You Know...???

Google changes their algorithm between 500-600 times a year, affecting the way your website is ranked at any minute.

Inquire Design stays on top of these trends using innovative SEO tools so your website is always optimized.

With search engines changing the rules all the time, we encourage all our Texas web design clients to invest in SEO. This ensures maximum visibility for your website at all times!

No matter what your business goal, our comprehensive Texas web design and SEO approach will support it.

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Our four-step SEO process

We take four steps for every SEO Texas client. These steps help us measure opportunities for improvement, identify adjustments, and make changes across a number of technical SEO and content-related factors.

audit icon  Audit

To streamline our search engine optimization practices and safeguard the impact of our SEO tactics, we first check to confirm your website is set up properly. We use Google Analytics and other services to check for mobile friendliness, desktop and mobile speed, plugin function, code minification, image optimization, backlinks, URL structure, sitemap presence, word count, keyword placement, and proper use of SEO tags and headers. We then make adjustments to your webpages to make sure your website is optimized properly and primed for ranking.

link building icon  Linking

Inquire Design uses proper page linking techniques to expand and build your online audience. We use high quality and carefully placed links to direct customers from other websites to yours, helping increase your overall rankings, attract new customers, and nurture customer loyalty.

localize search icon  Localize

For many businesses, especially those on Texas, the majority of customers come from local areas surrounding the brick-and-mortar location. We help you target these customers by implementing local search practices in addition to general Texas SEO. Your shop in the Woodlands will better serve people in that area rather than those coming from Houston or Livingston, for example, so we make sure you’re registered with local search services like Google My Business and Bing Places. This means your business will show up when customers perform location-based searches

content icon  Content Creation

Quality content is a big part of SEO. Inquire Design will perform a competitive analysis of your website to determine how well you are ranking for your primary and secondary search terms, and identify opportunities to improve by targeting additional keywords with appropriate, user-friendly content. Whether you need your website copy optimized to include your major search terms, or require a broader SEO content strategy that includes blog and article creation, we make recommendations and implement them according to your budget.

report icon  Monthly SEO Reporting

To help track your progress, Inquire Design provides monthly reporting to all of our SEO Texas clients. These reports help you track results over time. We will also monitor your progress to look for opportunities to optimize your SEO strategy, and maintain and improve your ranking.

Start ranking now with Inquire Design’s Texas web design and SEO service. Find out what we can do for your business by contacting us for a free website audit or consultation today.