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Graphic Design

Simplified Design

An appealing graphic design is one which is the easy on the eyes and simple to distinguish between similar branding designs. A great design will bring simplicity and uniqueness together to create and maintain an impression long after viewing it. The more simple a design is, the easier it is to move across a variety of platforms (i.e. vehicles, websites, business cards, social media) without ever changing the color, look, or feeling.

Simplicity makes great graphic design
Making graphic design stand out from your competitors

Notable Graphics

When we design graphics, we are grabbing the viewer's attention quickly and create a lasting impression. One way we are able to make that lasting impression is through a clean and crisp look and feel. At Inquire Design our job with graphic design, is to impact people with the loyalty, energy, elegance, or exotic feel that your company reflects. We avoid blurred lines, pixilated colors, and deformed objects that people associate with a negative and unprofessional brand.

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Company Branding Phases


We take the time to get to know you, your brand, business, and industry. Empowered with understanding, Inquire Design is able to design the needed graphics to develop your brand.


We then accurately design a variety of unique logos that will make your brand stand out in your industry. After selecting one of options, we begin putting the final touches on the design to make it fit your specific wants.


After we have designed your graphic to your liking, we will deliver the design in a wide variety of formats suited to provide you with flexibility and functionality.

Company Branding Identity

Inquire Design recognizes that the difference between a good and great image impacts your profit substantially. A cutting edge brand can boost, generate, and present the positive image that will help strengthen your entire marketing plan, both online and offline. We will work with you to build a strong identity to promote selling your products and services.